My work on African & North eastern community parties in GQ India.

It was a tough assignment to shoot with my assistant getting abused as we were seen with very uninviting eyes. I almost felt I wasn’t in india at Spasso club because we were the only Indians. 

It’s midnight and I am unable to sleep, twisting and turning in bed. I feel a part of me is in Benaras, still walking on the ghats and staring at the river. I miss everything : the people, the celebrations,  the air, Ganges,  lanes, street food, architecture, music everything which has been part of my photographic and spiritual journey there. Benaras is Samsara for me where I see all worldly affairs happening simultaneously. People having Chai and rusk in the narrow lanes and then they give way to the passing dead body, Life and death is seen simultaneously.

I produced a work called ‘Samsara’ during my workshop with the great VII photographer “John Stanmeyer’ ( Recipient of World Press photo this year) in Varanasi last November. That work will see the light of day pretty soon but for now I am sharing the Benaras which makes me crave to come back, to breathe it again,  to roam the ghats, sit by the river, not just me, everyone of you who have been there or wanting to go there.

The light is becoming beautiful in Chandigarh these days as winters are approaching. I took little time out for street photography and walked around in sector 17 and art gallery buildings with my fuji x100.